Adapti has delivered lighting systems for mines in Svalbard and the safety lighting of the Norwegian forces in Afghanistan. We have helped deliver the royal ship and rescue boats, lubricants and data centers. We also light up both mayonnaise and caviar from Mills, the salmon from Lovund and the yogurt from Tine.

Hoppern skole

Hoppern School is Moss municipality's pride and is a school that was truly soulful when it came to design and sustainability. The school is built in solid woodand possesses a number of energy-saving measures such as solar cells and the market's most efficient wireless light management system - SmartScan. It was fun to contribute with both technical and planning lighting design, porgraming and now operational monitoring with 24/7 reporting

Herøya Industrial Park

For many years Adapti has supplied high-quality industrial products to the companies at Herøya Industrial Park.Here you will find both EX zones and areas with ammonia, not to mention areas with high temperatures and extreme corrosion.

Vestby School

Vestby high school got refurbished hairdressing line where they wanted Smartscan IOT light management throughout the department.

Moss Ice hall

When Moss ice hall was to reduce energy consumption and heat creation in the hall, the choice fell on Solow LED and SmartScan wireless light control. This provides both full flexibility in the lighting system, reduced electricity costs of more than 75% for use on light and significantly less heat production versus the old 400W.

Vahl school

Vahl School in central Oslo has gradually upgraded the entire lighting system at the school to meet today`s requirements for light and universal design. In excess of a thousand SmartScan wireless controllede luminaires made installation easier and even better control for the customer.


When Oslo Sporeveier was changing its old luminaires, Adapti was asked if we couldspecially make 6m long tubearamtures that could withstand standing in this environment. We took that assignment with pleasure and if you are in the area, take a look up, we think the execution of the project looks very good.

Tine dairy

Tine dairies at Tretten has A-LinePro luminaires with great success, the plant has been operated flawlessly in aparticularly harsh environment since 2017.


Adapti has for many years delivered a number of installation zones to Yara in Porsgrunn, both within EXand heavy specialty industries.

Kampen School

Kampen school has now a SmartScan Lighting system with Colouractive Human Centric Lighting. Teachers have access to their own app that allows them to put both kelvin temperature and scenes in classrooms. The operations manager has a full overview of the lighting systemin a web-based operational monitoring.

Oslo internet exchange

Adapti has delivered the lightingsystem to Oslo Internet Exchange, one of Oslo's largest data storage centres. The porducts are Realta, A-Line Pro and Zip-Line rail system.