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«Quality, innovation, economics and technology are terminologies that are often used in our internal strategies and define how we want to seize our market.

Our profession is to produce high-quality lighting systems that ensure you as a customer a lighting system that has the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the lighting system. We offer a wide product range and have cutting-edge expertise in lighting and implementation of autonomous lighting systems with operation and status reporting in all types of industrial, commercial and public buildings.

Documentable sustainable innovative and digital technical solutions are the cornerstone of our philosophy. Terminology such as tunable white, open API, MESH and IOT are familiar concepts to us and are elements we have implemented for several years»

We take care of our customers thoroughout the project and are a partner you can trust in the implementation of your projects. We are a One Stop Shop that handles the whole process for you.

Why you should choose Adapti?


We have extensive experiance with lighting systems for professional users, both in traditional LED lighting systems and when it comes to intelligent lighting systems. We have been one of the pioneers in the Norwegian market.

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Complete product range

We supply one of Norway's largest and most complete range IOT products for school, health and hospitals, exterior and industry. In addition, we supply a fullrange of traditional products.

High quality

We work with the leading manufacturers in our industry and carefully review ourrange so that we are up to date with the latest technology and products at all times.

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We are a customer-orientedsupplier that adapts to your needs and finds the best solutions for you.


We have been delivering high quality products for over 30 yers in the Norwegian market, and some of the products are still in operation. We focus on solving the task in the best possible way, with products and solutions that last.

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At your request, we handle the entire process for you, both technical engineering, installation and financial.

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